le veniec

Ty Nevez is an ideal place for a family holiday. The house nestles in the village of Le Veniec on the Presque Isle du Crozon, overlooking the Bay of Dourenez. It is 500 metres from the beautiful Plage des Sources and 800 yards from the Isle d'Aber, the River and the magnificent Plage and Dunes d'Aber.

The beaches are safe and quiet, but offer lots of scope for adventure. For water sports enthusiasts crystal clear waters are perfect for divers, it's a favourite spot for kite and wind surfers and some of the best surfing beaches in Europe are just a short drive away. For walkers the house is only a few hundred yards from the GR 34 coastal footpath, with spectacular walks along the cliff tops on your doorstep. 

It's greatest charm for us is the fantastic wildlife - flowers, birds, rockpools, multiple habitats - ranging from arid dunescapes to salt marsh and fresh water wetlands   The house is in the Parque National d'Armorique and a perfect location for anyone with a love of nature and the outdoors. In the early summer the cliff tops are alive with flowers, many rare in the UK. Rock pools teem with brilliantly coloured anemones, sea urchins and cold water corals – each one a mini aquarium of marine flora and fauna. The salt marshes, dunes, cliff walks  and shore line are home to many species of sea and estuary birds and a paradise for the amateur botanist.


Le Plage du Source (the beach of Springs - right) is only 500 yards from the house - access is either via a footpath across the fields or a very quiet road and steps down to the beach. Its a great place for kids with wonderful rock pools, caves, sunbathing lizards and safe swimming - its one of three beaches within easy reach of the house -

The Plage d'Aber (shown below)










is on the other side of the River Aber (in Breton "Aber"means estuary, but confusingly the river is called  L'Aber - so we have the estuary of the River Estuary!). The beach is a kilometre stretch  of sand backed by a complex of dunes, salt marsh and the estuary. It is a site of national importance for wildlife and plants and at spring tides forms a spectacularly beautiful inland lake complete with whirlpool where the river passes under the road.

The third beach in the trio is the "Plage du Poul" - its the most remote and inaccessible of the three. It can be reached by following the coast,  along the beach at low tides, or a scramble over the rocks up to mid water, otherwise its a a stiff climb down a hundred steps. Flanked by the 100 meter high Point du Guern to the south and substantial cliffs to the north its a wild and spectacular spot.